The Last Day of Frantz Fanon

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The story of a fearless and unconquerable heart

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The Last Day of Frantz Fanon

Followed by comments from his wife

A story of and for all time

Abane Ramdane, Fanon's colleague and friend in the Revolution. When Ramdane was assassinated by FLN associates, Fanon took it hard.  

Sartre & de Beauvoir,friends of Frantz Fanon.

Sartre was a Fanon soulmate. But Fanon's wife did not care for the existentialist phenom.

Whatever his indecisiveness, the center of De Gaulle's cultural gravity was always:

"We are  above all a European people of the white race, of Greek and Latin culture and of the Christian religion.  The Muslims, take a look at them - their turbans and their djellabas. You can see that they are not French. Those who advocate integration have a hummingbird brain, even if they are very learned."

                      "The braves do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all."

Fanon was born under colonialism, and like
Aimé Césaire he rationalized being under French rule. It's the Algerian Revolution that freed him and propelled him to national liberation.

An extraordinary account of the last hours

of the legendary humanist anti-colonialist.

Followed by an interview with Josie Fanon, 

his wife.


On his deathbed Frantz Fanon, psychiatrist from

Martinique, champion of the Algerian revolution, one of the

20th century's principal theoretician of national liberation

and foremost forensic analyst of colonialism in

The Last Day of Frantz Fanon.

The ideal epilogue to the narrative of The Last Day of Frantz

Fanon is an interview the author conducted with his friend,

Josie Fanon, the wife of the legendary humanist-



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